Jashore Farm

Over 125 Bighas of high-yielding orchard, livestock, poultry and large fishery facilities under expert management and round-the-clock QC make our Jashore farm, one of the model and responsible integrated farm in Bangladesh.

The farm has one of the best stocks of Dragon fruit, Malta, Arabian Date Palm, etc high value fruits in the country.

The livestock section has good variety of good cattle breeds and black bengal goats amongst others.

Our poultry section has world famous Peking Duck in stock. Development of modern hatching system is also underway.

We have over 25 ponds comprising a wide range of fishery culture, including white fishes, cat fish (shing, magur), carp fishes etc. We are implementing the integration method of duckery and Fishery at our farm, which has proven widely successful in countries like Vietnam, China, etc.